Convex is an LA up-and-comer, set to take the future bass scene by storm. Fresh off the release of a beautiful original called “Valor,” the young producer has crafted yet another stunning tune, remixing Ariana Grande‘s “One Last Time.” The upbeat rhythms from the original are swapped out for some sexy chords and pulsing bass lines, making Convex’s remix a clear winner.

Things start off nice and relaxed, as a sample of ocean waves plays in the background. Bells and piano chords enter the mix, supporting Ariana’s admittedly alluring vocal work. The drop brings an explosion of sexy future bass goodness featuring throbbing synths, plucking high notes, and a strong kick and bass. These elements are mixed together flawlessly to create a heart-melting beat that will leave you amazed.

Stream the track below and click HERE for free download!