Wolfkin recently released his “The Future Noír EP” and I must say it is absolutely wondrous. He has been experimenting with a very future trap inspired style, and you can really hear the appeal in this production. 

The first track entitled “Stay With Me” definitely made my ears perk up. The track starts out with a melodic and flowing guitar, infused with a steady chill trap vibe. I particularly enjoy listening to the vocal clips, and there are some portions of this tune that gives me the chills in the most haunting and breath taking way. I think this one was my favorite on the EP to listen to. The next track “Falling” comes in after, and it took my by surprise how different the genre was compared to the first track. Typically most artists keep to a certain sound on EPs, but obviously this is not your typical EP, which is a damn good thing. This tune takes off in a weird way; cinematic and suspenseful, and you really aren’t sure where it could be leading off to. The drop is quite simple in the best way, giving off a very deep house and industrial vibe. This is something you could get down to in a secretive and dark warehouse party, and I especially like the small trap additions it has. “Future Noir” closes the EP, but it by all means does not have a subtle ending to this release. It’s quite interesting to listen to, as the track grows from shuddering and dark to a chilled out trap rhythm and glow.

Overall, this EP was different, unique, and attention grabbing. There’s no way you shouldn’t listen to this, and anything else that comes from Wolfkin. This artist has grasped a concept that very few have yet, and I feel he will go very far in the industry by embracing his beautifully creative sound. Catch more from Wolfkin by following him on the social media links below.