Afrojack has been a name of little acclaim as of late, beyond his relationship with notorious “DJ” Paris Hilton. But in a recent interview he not only introduced tons of new and upcoming collaborations, but also teased a brand new album & discussed his new moniker as well as the unexpected inspiration behind it – none other than past collaborator and the “Kanye West of EDM,” Diplo.

On his new alias, NLW, and who inspired him to branch out:

“I really got inspired when I saw what Diplo started doing, Major Lazer, and then Jack Ü, and then of course there’s also being Diplo. Like why the hell couldn’t I form my own band by myself? So, now I have multiple outlets where I can release all kinds of genres of music.”

You can check out the EP behind his new alias below, out now on Wall Recordings.

On who he has been working in the studio with:

Aashanti, Bone Thugz N Harmony, Ludacris, French Montana, Ne-Yo, Martin Garrix, Sean Kingston, Far East Movement, Rita Ora

On his upcoming, newly announced album:

“It’s not going to be coming out until it is exactly what I want and where I want. Right now I’m just cruising along, just making music by heart and selecting the songs that I like really want to put on there. It’s kind of difficult when you have like 200 songs to choose from.” The album, however, is expected “somewhere around February, March 2016.

When you have a couple of albums you’re going to see the times that we went through. The way my genre of music changed, the way I changed, the way my fans changed. Forget The World was really a start of a journey that is going to go on for a long time.”

On having a kid and providing for his family:

“So instead of just completely dropping everything, I just made sure that everything is arranged for the future and for my family’s future. And I still try to put the pressure on myself to keep performing and keep taking everything to the next level, which is difficult sometimes, but I think in the long run it’s going to be best for all of us.”

Source: Music Times