Evoke has always been someone I have looked up to He is a composer, a producer, a vocalist and a lyrical genius. His spirit is always imaginative, and he’s always looking to speak out and send positive messages to his listeners. It takes a lot to be different in this scene, and Evoke is one of the few I have come across who are looking to the future of our world. In his latest release “The Other Side”, he writes the below script which sets the scene for this enlightening and inspiring piece of music:

“Lately I’ve been struggling a lot, with people I care about, and with myself. It’s sometimes easy to wonder if a person can be broken beyond repair, and if any of us can ever be fixed, or fix our own problems, or if we’re destined to repeat the same sad loop forever. This is a song about all of that and more.”

Of course you hear Evoke’s captivating and unique vocals seep through, telling a story of a love lost yet not losing yourself. The beats are steady and clean, filled with bits of electronic waves and sound. This type of writing style really reminds me of Alvin Risk, and he himself is quite out there when it comes to setting himself apart from other artists. This tune is slightly melancholy, but in the best way possible. It delivers a thought to listeners, that perhaps people should not rely on others for happiness or love, and that you can truly save yourself. Otherwise you may find yourself in a never ending loop.

Be sure to follow Evoke on his social media links below, and you can also check out a Lyric Video he’s created to go along with this track.