You can find the oldest prison in the world in Lancashire county in the UK, where you’ll also run into some pretty famous DJ’s. But you won’t find them behind bars. Instead, you’ll (probably) pay money to see them behind the decks at Lancaster Castle.

The castle-prison was shut down in 2011, and subsequently turned into an entertainment venue called A-Wing. However, this happened under questionable circumstances, as the Queen was given a check for £8.5 million, taken from taxpayers’ money. Many aren’t pleased about this, including an official from Prison Officers’ Association, Glyn Travis, who had this to say:

It was a perfectly well-ordered and well-run prison. That £8.5 million could have been invested in the prison service. The fact that it’s now a nightclub demonstrates it was never going to be used for anything in the public interest like a library. It’s only going to be used to make money.

He’s at least right about one thing, and that’s making money. The venue has booked the likes of Pete Tong, Camo & Krooked, and Rob da Bank, drawing in some pretty big crowds. Check out a video of the venue below and click HERE to visit their site and learn more!