XIV┬áis an up and coming artist who in light of his name XIV (Fourteen) releases a new song on the fourtheenth of each month. This past August 14th, he presented a new track entitled “Don’t Want” featuring Eduard Bogdan.

The track is quite short, almost a preview of something to come, but it’s quite wonderful. It’s starts off with a bright and happy guitar and electronic sounds. The vocals are sensual and seductive, and the melody is very catchy, filled with summer time vibes and beats. Tropical house lovers will really latch onto this track, and will get a great taste of what else XIV will have to offer in the future. This guy is on the mend, and I am sure we will hear more great and imaginative tunes from him very soon. You can follow XIV by visiting the social media links below, and you can definitely download this smooth and pleasant track to add to your collection today.