If you’re a repeat attendee to Ultra Music Festival or most Electric Daisy Carnivals, you are no stranger to the glory of the Carl Cox tent. Whether you pass by the thumping techno basslines with curiosity, or set up camp all day with a good group of friends, Carl Cox’s stage is a fixture at almost every major US festival.

Though the Carl Cox tent won’t be around forever. The music legend, who is 53 this year, has been a pioneer since his career began in the 1980s. His years as a DJ are coming to an end, but don’t worry, it’s still not going to be any time soon. Cox admits in a recent interview with Daily Record that he’s conflicted over how much time he really has left, as he still wants to enjoy time with his family. The biggest decision will be when he wants to finally leave the UK, and retire to a place in Melbourne, Australia.

While many could imagine his endgame being Ibiza, where he has one of the longest running club nights on the island called “Music is the Revolution,” Cox isn’t all too pleased with the current state of affairs there.

“It’s not being old, Ibiza is spoilt now. You can go down to the Hard Rock Hotel and youv’e got Ushuaia with its high-end DJs, big bottle service tables and two-tier VIP areas. Everyone used to be together when they went out and on the same dance floor.”

Cox went on to revel in Output Nightclub, a small 600-person venue in Brooklyn, New York that doesn’t allow cameras. While every city has flashy bottle service clubs and lofty price tags for a night out, Output thrived as being an underground alternative for DJs like him to play open-to-close sets to a small intimate crowd of devoted fans.

Source: Daily Record

Photo: Rudgr.com