Bizarre title? Yeah, well this is quite the thought provoking story. A company called Alcoholic Architecture is completely redefining the traditional bar. Their idea is simple enough, and reportedly quite the experience.

The groundbreaking concept? Pump a room of people full with vaporized alcohol and dance music.

For people like me, this is the way of the future. I personally don’t find alcohol appetizing, and by that I mean that aside from select craft beers, I really don’t enjoy the process of drinking. I do, however, enjoy being drunk.

Solution: go to an Alcoholic Architecture establishment and inhale the drink as it lingers in the very air you breathe, where 40 minutes equates to a “strong drink,” and their vaporized cocktail of choice is a gin & tonic.

vapor alc

Although many bars have begun to offer vaporized drinks as a single-serving “beverage,” the concept of filling a space with alcoholic vapor is truly innovative, and has the potential to become a popular alternative experience for night clubs and the like as well.

Imagine an EDM show at your favorite local club, where – for a fee – you can enter a foggy room, with its own DJ, and get drunk by merely breathing. There’s already heavy usage of fog and CO2 for such events, so why not replace it with alcoholic vapor? The applications and convenience are limitless. Hell, even the current fixture in London allows attendees to stay in the room for an hour at a time… perfect for a quaint set from your favorite artist.

Investors, let’s talk…

But seriously, sign us up for when this crosses the Atlantic. In the meantime, you can get tickets for the London location here, but beware as they’re already booked past September; yes, it’s that popular.

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