Avicii is on a roll with news and releases on the way to his sophomore album, Stories, which is due out on September 25th. The most highly anticipated LP of the year for me, personally, these two singles definitely take strides to redefine Avicii’s sound; however, they don’t disappoint so much as surprise.

“For A Better Day” is close to what we’re used to from the Swedish maestro. Featuring strong, piano driven melodies and a prevalent folky top-line as well as predictable structuring and an typical tempo – this is by no means Avicii’s best, but absolutely a top-notch production. Listen in full below.

“Pure Grinding,” on the other hand, is a mixture of trap and R&B vibes with a distinctly “out of left field” inclination coming from the traditionally-house producer. Does it impress? Not really… But, it also doesn’t work to tarnish my anticipation for the upcoming album release. The reason being that I’ve heard previews for several of the tracks listed as part of this LP and I’m greatly looking forward to hearing them in full, finalized quality. But, who knows, maybe this will be your jam. Check it out below.

The full album tracklist, containing a remarkable 14 tracks, is as follows:

1) Waiting for Love feat. Simon Aldred, Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare & Tim Bergling
2) Talk to Myself
3) Touch Me
4) Ten More Days
5) For a Better Day feat. Alex Ebert & Tim Bergling
6) Broken Arrows
7) True Believer
8) City Lights
9) Pure Grinding feat. Tim Bergling, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Albin Nedler & Earl Johnson
10) Sunset Jesus
11) Can’t Catch Me
12) Somewhere In Stockholm
13) Trouble
14) Gonna Love Ya