The stems for Gallant‘s “Weight In Gold” have been passed around like Costco food samples as of late. Remixes from every corner of the spectrum have popped up since its release, including takes by Louis Futon, Ta-ku, and Brasstracks – to name a few favorites. At this point in the game, the vocals are beginning to become stale and overplayed. Much like those from Jack U’s “Where Are U Now,” it takes a truly novel and spectacular flip to break the mold of simple iterations of the original.

Today, Sweater Beats has done just this. In addition to his signature vocal chops and fluid melodic creations, he has once again incorporated live elements into his production. Throughout his remix, Sweater Beats wails on an electric guitar without the use of sampling after the fact. The result is a strong and anthemic remix that breathes new life into “Weight In Gold.” The full track is currently up for free download here.

It starts with a slowly swelling rush of deep synths that rest underneath Gallant’s dry vocals. The chorus is sung once before the track drops, making the anticipation all the more palpable as the kick and sweeps of white noise bring us in. The electric guitar hits immediately, and rests comfortably in between the vocals and snippets that float around the space. The voices are left with only the percussion to support them as the swell returns. Claps carry us over the edge while power chords erupt from the electric guitar. Tom fills and cymbal crashes define the break, creating a Lido-esque intensity to the overall song structure.

Download the track for free here!