Fresh off their We Are TWRK EP, the TWRK duo has teamed up with LAMBO for a dirty bass jam titled “INDEPENDENT.” With so much saucy sampling and eclectic embellishment, it’s no wonder this track has already seen loads of playing time on the festival circuit.

Slumping right from the gate is a generous full-spectrum kick, quickly joined in brutalizing your ears by a 24th century snake charmer’s pungi. Though short-lived, the toasted moombah influence present in the first breakdown throws in memorable energy and is sure to garner some awestruck reaction. And rounding it all out, metallic belches and abrasive synth slashes team up with trap-classic snare hits to make this a bonafide twerk jam.

Drawing inspiration from the successes of “Deep Down Low,” TWRK & LAMBO have crafted this rump crumbling tune with festival mayhem in mind. Have a listen below, and don’t wait to snag “INDEPENDENT” for yourself now via iTunes.

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