Goshfather & Jinco have just come out with a new trap banger, further proving their status as connoisseurs of defying genres. They’ve taken on Diplo & Ivy Levan’s “27 Club,” turning the original into a trapped out banger full of crunchy basslines and flawless sampling.

Goshfather & Jinco start things off nice and easy with light synth work over some pulsing bass. Bigger sounding chords make their way into the mix, working with Ivy Levan’s vocals to turn up the energy level. The drop relies on pitched vocal chops; they act as the main ‘synth’ above the sub. And it works well, as there’s just enough sampling to keep things interesting without over complicating it all.

Ivy Levan’s ‘poppy Amy Winehouse’ styled vocals mix very well with G&J’s upbeat production on this one, resulting in a remix that beats out the original. Check it out below!

If DnB is more your speed, you can check out Rusko’s remix here. And no, that’s not a typo.