Sokko & Lyons have teamed up with Focus Fire and Dan Henig for a tropical triple threat by the name of “Dreamcatcher.” Kygo had better keep an eye out, this track is a serious contender against the undisputed king.

Starting out rather whimsical, Dan Henig’s vocals are absolutely superb, and have been given plenty of room to breath amongst the processed xylophone progression. Chimes, bubbling synths, and warm percussion round out the atmosphere, and there are even a few steppy moments tucked into the breaks! Still, the true highlight is the track’s modulated tropicalia beautifully juxtaposed by a garage influenced bassline, turning “Dreamcatcher” into a pumping house tune. Seriously, I challenge you to not vibe about your living room to this.

The boys have done everyone a solid and made “Dreamcatcher” available now as a free download. Have a listen below, and don’t forget to show your support on their socials.


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