Jack Novak is one of the quickest rising artists in today’s scene. After only producing for the last two years, Jack has catapulted into fans heart with her original sound and emotional live sets.

Her most recent release, “If It Kills Me,” has been making it rounds on the internet due to the catchy and vibrant vibe the track invokes in fans across the world. Released as a collaboration with Blackbear, who has become a dear friend of Jack’s in the past months, the track has rich vocals with a beat that will stick with you for days to come.

Being such a special track, Jack Novak and Blackbear decided that the music video had to be out of this world and unlike anything else the world has seen. Released today, the video created by the young and talented Alex Howard is a beautiful accompaniment to the recent release.

Check out the music video for “If It Kills Me” below:

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