Tents, while providing essential comfort and privacy, often become makeshift furnaces in the summer months. A tent’s unfortunate ability to retain heat is compounded during music festival season, which routinely takes place in the thick of summer. If you are ever considering attending a festival in Denmark, add Skanderborg Music Festival (or Smukfest as the locals refer to it) to your itinerary. In addition to lineups with artists such as AviciiHardwell, and Tiësto, the festival offers a package that replaces tents with giant beer cans, and there’s more inside the giant cans than just lukewarm beer.

In place of lugging a sleeping bag, portable fans, headlamps, and fold-up chairs, attendees who sleep in these beer cans essentially receive a VIP experience. The beer cans come equipped with a bed, pillows, chairs, mirrors, shelves, and even a loft area. Attendees have to accept blatant product placement, as the entire area is sponsored by the Royal Unibrew beer brand, but sleeping soundly in a comfortable, mega-sized beer can sure beats roughing it in a 100-degree tent.

Check out some pictures of Skanderborg’s giant beer cans below:


Credit: Skanderborg Music Festival


Credit: Skanderborg Music Festival