Ramses B in my opinion is an absolute Monstercat legend. He’s created so many wonderful works of music and art, and you can feel every piece of his passion in his songs.

He’s got a new one out on Monstercat called “Faster Than Light” featuring Danyka Nadeau, and it’s every glitch hop lover’s wet dream. It’s got this happy and colorful rhythm to it that exudes so many awesome emotions when you listen to it. His signature use of vocal samples from people in our lives is so incredible, and Danyka’s voice complements this uplifting and funky track perfectly. There’s no way you won’t be able to grove and get down, even if you’re sitting in a chair. I am very impressed by this latest release from Ramses B, and I know I am not the only one out there who thoroughly enjoys this new track. I hope he continues to make music that inspires, puts smiles on faces, and happiness in listener’s hearts. Be sure to check out more from Ramses B and Danyka Nadeau by following them on the social media links below!

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