It’s currently 1:30pm [PST]; if you’re anything like us, the weekend started approximately 18 hours ago and you’re already recovering from wilder shenanigans than most peeps will get into for the next few days. And what’s better for a slow-to-boot-up brain than uniquely groovy music? Maybe 5-HTP, but that’s debatable; in any case, the Chillage Records clan has added the multi-talented Seapora to their roster and her debut album is the perfect way to slide into your weekend.

Part One of the Multidimensional Being project, Seapop takes you on a musical journey that will leave your heart throbbing. Seapora is all about diversity when it comes to genres and the many facets of her sonic sensibility really shine throughout the album. You’ll hear everything from pop and house to downtempo and straight up bass music; each track is immaculately produced, which is no surprise considering Chillage artists like Elevated Mind, Urple Eeple, and Spoken Bird had a hand in the production. Seapora‘s infectious voice echoes and floats across this myriad of soundscapes, coming at you with catchy yet thoughtful lyricism. In her own words:

It took me three years to develop the musical palette that constitutes the Seapop album and I am confident that this is my best material to date. It’s eclectic and intriguing and tells the story of our shared journey.”

Seapop is available as a Name-Your-Price download on the Chillage Records  Bandcamp page; check out the full stream after the jump and be sure to grab a copy if you’re feelin’ the vibes!


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