With only a little over a month to go, I was worried that the HARD Day of the Dead trailer wouldn’t happen this year! But leave it to Agata Alexander and her crack team to wait until the very last moment and absolutely deliver.

Featuring the likes of Kill The Noise, Tommy Trash, Destructo, Skrillex, AC Slater, Marshmello, and Jay-ooze — no, sorry, Jizz — wait! Jazz — nah, Jauz — the trailer tells the story of a vacuum cleaner a la Being John Malkovich, which in and of itself is weird. But certainly, Skrillex in a bathtub and Destructo using canned pineapples, it’s plenty strange.

HARD Day of the Dead is October 31 – November 1, and is 21+ this year. That means no beer garden! Feel free to walk around with alcohol as you like.

Single day passes $85 :: 2-Day passes $145 ⇛ http://bit.ly/1LSMXp0