Electronic duo PRXZM has quickly become a shining example of a group that can masterfully tackle any genre in the spectrum while maintaining their own unique and memorable musical identity. With each new release, their steadily growing fanbase receives a new perspective on the pair’s production confidence and ability to annoy any and all neighbors. Their newest is an emotional and uplifting future bass swayer titled “To U.” The track is currently up for free download here.

It begins with a series of warm, resonating organ tones that establish a melancholy and contemplative ground floor for the rest of the production to live in. The vocals soon enter the space, crooning softly in front of a delicate arrangement of snaps, brushes and clicks. More percussion elements are gradually added alongside an arpeggiated blip. A clap series and swell of noise carry into the break, characterized by pulsating waves of synth and short fills of drum and beeps in response. The tones return with the vocals, the beat keeping the pace in the background. The drop makes a second appearance with newfound character and energy, until the voice is all that remains.

Download the track for free here!