Revealed Recordings may have just released the prog-house anthem of the year, courtesy of some of Hardwell’s own proteges. “Winds” is a collaboration between Joey Dale and rising artists Rico & Miella, one of the few male / female DJ duo in the industry who are also both vocalists and producers, gaining recognition from notable artists such as Nicky Romero and Tom Swoon.

“Winds” has been killing it on the charts since its initial release last week. It’s currently holding strong at #20 overall on Beatport Top 100 and #2 on the Prog-House Charts; second only to Armin and Hardwell’s new collab.

Your EDM now has the pleasure of premiering the official music video for “Winds,” which is the perfect visual accompaniment to this emotionally charged prog-house ballad.

“Winds” starts off with some atmospheric synths under Miella’s powerful vocals. The build brings a more aggressive sound, utilizing harsher synths to play out a beautiful melody that carries throughout most of the track. The drop brings an air of nostalgia with it, paying a tasteful tribute to the “golden age” sound of prog-house.

The music video features a good amount of interpretive dancing. A female dancer lays down a pretty impressive routine, interrupted with abstract shots of breaking mirrors and dark city streets. These shots convey the emotions that Joey and Rico & Miella established in their track as they make you feel sadness, confusion, and a bit of happiness; “Winds” is an incredibly powerful track, both aurally and visually.

Check out the music video below and click HERE to purchase!