Ravey, rave, rave. We’ve been raving about the blood rave for some time now, and the date is nearly upon us. Thanks to the genius of BBQ Films, the Blade Rave will be making its way to New York City’s Terminal 5 on October 9th. Modeled after the infamous scene from Wesley Snipes’ classic vampire film, the Blade Rave is going all out to reenact the feeding frenzy. They’ve even booked The Crystal Method to supply the music.

“We had the team skim through the soundtrack for each Blade film, and we quickly realized that The Crystal Method stuck out more than anyone. So we reached out their management, and we were like, ‘Hey, we’re recreating this scene from Blade as a party, and we absolutely need to have The Crystal Method their to perform’. Luckily, their manager Richard was incredibly receptive of the idea and replied, ‘Yes, let’s do it.”

And was it difficult to pin down the perfect venue? BBQ Films explains it wasn’t as tough as you may have thought.

“When we first spoke with Terminal 5 about the Blade Rave idea, we were a bit cautious to ask them, ‘So how do you guys feel about spraying synthetic blood inside the venue?’ Well, when they told us that Gwar had been their a couple weeks ago and that it shouldn’t be a problem, we were surprised to say the least.”

With the oversight of founder Gabriel Rhoads, BBQ Films has reincarnated several iconic films into blockbuster parties over the last decade, ranging from American Psycho, to Weekend at Bernie’s. The production talent of BBQ Films is unquestionably top, and their dedication to revamping Blade is no different (pun intended). They’re working with New York Super Week to transform Terminal 5 into the mythical lair of Deacon Frost, outfitted with blood sprinklers, cosplay actors, sword-fighting demos from Sword Class NYC, and projected visuals by Sean Dack. Gear up, ’cause this is one party you won’t want to miss. Hurry and snag tickets before they’re gone, available now via Ticketmaster.


H/T EDM.com, New York Super Week