We’ve previously reported on Zedd’s groundbreaking show at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, but that video was unfortunately taken down. Now, the video seems to be officially back up with an accompanying interview with Zedd in the first three minutes.

Though we’ve heard Zedd speak at length about a variety of different topics before, it’s nice to hear him speak about topics that interest and vibe with the general EDM community. At this point, he speaks about the dangers and thrill of using a live setup for shows, as well as taking inspiration from long-time touring friend Skrillex.

I think my inspiration for this kind of live show was Skrillex. I’ve played a lot with Skrillex and he has one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And he’s doing it live, and I couldn’t believe that all I was seeing was being done live. [..] I was very inspired by seeing that someone could do it live.

Zedd has previously stated that he wants to break out of the EDM box as well, but it seems that only applies to his own productions. As for his set, it’s filled with a great variety of tracks from big room to dubstep (yeah, Anton drops some Eptic). Check it out below.