Armada, the super-sized record label founded and organized by Armin van Buuren, continually makes efforts to add quality music to the vast sea of EDM releases. A less common fact about the label is that it houses a smaller label for deeper releases: Armada Deep. The label’s been pumping out a steady stream of tracks, and today we have the honor of premiere one from a rising producer named Matt Meler. This one’s called “Call Your Name.”

Equipped with bouncing high-hats, a deliciously catchy vocal sample straight from Motown Records, and deep synths, “Call Your Name” skillfully melds a signature house beat with more modern fixtures. It stands out among the slew of deep house tracks releasing these days, and makes a strong case for the power behind the Armada Deep label. Matt gave us a look into how the track came to be:

“I just love analog gear and how it sounds, especially my Moog. It’s ladder filter is so dope, and I wanted to put something out with a ripping bassline, but still with moody dance floor roots. As for the sample on the vocal, I’m always on the hunt for records, acapellas and anything cool or obscure I could sample that could still work musically in a new track. If I find something that sparks an idea and I want to use it, I’ll scan over the sample and start chopping it up and place it over the session in the background and see if any of it vibes along with what I’m going for. I had found this acapella a while back and it just needed a slight re-tune which didn’t detract away from the original vocal, so I went with it. Using a sample from the Motown/Soul era might be a little cliched now but who doesn’t love their name being called?”

Listen to Matt Meler’s “Call Your Name” below: