Don’t get too thrown off by the name Canberra. Though it’s a city in Australia, Michael Myers is a native of Philadelphia, which is one of the many reasons to get excited about this tune. Philly is one of those cities that has a small, but loyal fan base, especially when it comes to trance. Canberra has shared the stage with plenty of great artists, and is now has an original tune that’s definitely worth checking out. “Being Fierce” is a punchy trance track that uses dark synths to really brings you to the edgier side of the genre. If you like Markus Schulz and the music of Coldharbour, then you’ll enjoy this one from Canberra. It’s not only a big win for Philly, but also a big win for Interstate Recordings, the sub-label of Infrasound Recordings from UK duo Solis & Sean Truby. 

You can purchase “Being Fierce” exclusively on Beatport.