Hellberg is hosting a “Slumber Party” and everyone’s invited. This latest release is an idyllic track set to the tone of a slow-motion pillow fight, but rest assured, no slumbering is happening at this party.

Kicking in with a jouncing piano, ethereal vocals, and an evocative bassline, “Slumber Party” is good vibes through and through. This powerfully progressive tune surrenders fully to an uplifting atmosphere as processed string pads rise and fall, ebbing the energy along. Hellberg certainly broke past his comfort zone on this one, but there are still traces of a breakbeat and all the quality production that we expect from someone of his caliber.  We can’t guarantee what exactly, but this track will make you feel something.

Releasing as part of MrSuicideSheep Presents Taking You Higher, “Slumber Party” will be available October 9th. Pre-order the album now via iTunes, and don’t forget to throw Hellberg some love on his socials.