Dyro is known for slinging some of the hardest electro out there, and this latest track drives home the point that he can produce like… a boss. It’s now been a year since the inception of WOLV Records, and as their 17th release, we couldn’t imagine a more proper expression of everything the imprint stands for: aggressive, kinetic, forward-thinking music.

From hollowed, metallic clangs to sawed-off womps, “Like A Boss” hits you like an industrialized war dance. The sharp percussion screams of spacefaring quarrels while a fattened dose of acidic bass sparks the low-end, and Dyro’s eclectic range of synths make for a full frequency assault on the senses. Bridging the track together is a discotheque ambience, retrieving our thoughts and serving as a harsh reminder that we indeed haven’t left Earth. But, in all seriousness, this track delivers. Snag “Like A Boss” for yourself tomorrow via iTunes, and don’t forget to throw Dyro some love on his socials.