So, this doesn’t really have to do with music, but it does have to do with Deadmau5. Everyone knows Mr. Zimmerman likes his video games, as so many producers do, but he takes Diablo III quite serious, and now he’s pissed.

The Mau5 just lost his prized Demon Hunter due to some unfortunate lag, and has taken to his favorite platform to vent his frustrations. Rightly so, as his character was ranked fairly high in the Solo Hardcore leaderboards, ‘was’ being the keyword here. The allure of Hardcore is blurred by the heavy price of failure; once your character dies, it’s lost forever, regardless of luck or lag.

Below, you can watch the ill-fated battle, followed by Joel’s complete disbelief. We doubt it’ll take long before he returns to the leaderboards, but still, that stings.


H/T Kotaku