Bass house has become such a free spirited, blood pumping and rich genre, and I am glad everyone is jumping on this train for these and many more amazing reasons. A fantastic example of this unique and fun sound comes from FreeFall and Swage, who are both on a musical rampage. Their Your EDM Premiere track “You Know” was just released on Audiophile XXL today and it’s bound to make waves with both of their fan bases.

It begins with an almost cinematic build up, and the uncertainty of where the track is leading is extremely powerful. The energetic pulses of a concrete bass line complements the mysterious ambiance, bringing forth a magnetic and heart throbbing drop. The element of surprise pays off, and the listener is taken down a winding path of mind bending force and body tingling electronic bliss. I sure hope everyone putting their ears to this beat is ready for the intense and sensational music they are about to listen to. FreeFall and Swage really hit the nail on the head with this track, and the fact that this splendid tune is a free download is incredible. Be sure to look out for more from these two powerhouses Swage and FreeFall, and grab your free download of this track now!

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