Following the release of his Parallax EP, up and coming Miami-based producer Treznik has just unveiled a new single titled “Fractal.” Throughout the entire track, his love for sound design and creative energy are shown in spades. He imagines entire soundscapes out of thin air, and is able to perfectly align their abstract, ethereal nature with a rhythm that maintains its power and weight. Head over to iTunes to purchase your copy of the track now.

The track starts with crunches and clacks of percussion in front of a swirling, muted synth wave. The energy climbs quickly, following a clap series and swell of white noise. The break sees a simple but effective beat with swipes of bass-heavy warbles. Soft stabs of layered synth break up the melody until the drums are stripped away almost entirely. A warm sub rattles underneath the beat once it returns, allowing the kick drum to gently click above the lower parts of the spectrum. The track reveals itself to be a true head-bobber as the fluid instrumental elements become familiar.

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