Sokko & Lyons have teamed up with Dryden Brown for their newest release, a heaven-trap / progressive-house remix of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” Currently nestled in the Top 15 Remixes on HypeM, their remix features epic chords and soaring melodies, blended together to create a jaw-dropping track that showcases the producers’ talents.

Things start off nice and slow with some soothing piano notes under samples of Justin’s singing. The introduction of a soft and steady kick drum gives the song a burst of energy, supported by a playful and bouncy background synth. The drop brings a chorus of simple yet remarkable sounds that mix together perfectly: stunning high chords and a strong, but not overpowering, kick and sub. A lengthy interlude gives time to include a good portion of the original vocals before things pick up again. The track culminates in a second drop that incorporates similar sounds while bringing an entirely new progressive-house vibe to the track.

Stream the remix below and click HERE to download for free!