Traveling as a producer isn’t easy. Until you acquire major label and record deals, you’re often paying out of pocket for room and board, as well as airfare and travel. That’s why services like Uber and Airbnb have made it so much easier for artists to travel and work in many locations nationwide … except if you’re black.

According to Vox, and a lot of tweets, music producer STEF (@STEFisDOPE) was staying at an Airbnb in Atlanta for theΒ Atlanta Music Festival & ConferenceΒ when neighbors called police on their location multiple times. After the cops did their job and left, seeing no wrong doing from STEF and his crew, the neighbors decided to take it upon themselves and just walk right in to check it out.

STEF live tweeted the whole thing for our amusement, and to highlight what may come out as a persistent issue with Airbnb users.

Through the whole ordeal, STEF remained calm and collected. Why wouldn’t he, though? He wasn’t doing anything wrong.