The last we heard of the sanctions being placed against HARD for their annual Day of the Dead event, promoters were willing to drop the attendance cap to 40,000 and raised the minimum age to 21, all while reducing hours for the Halloween event.

Yesterday, Councilwoman Cristina Carrizosa and Chief Paul Capraro took questions regarding preparations for the festival from the city. Asked about DUI checkpoints, Councilwoman Carrizosa said, “If we have those checkpoints and we advertise them, that will be a deterrent.”

Capraro seemed to contradict Councilwoman Carrizosa, stating, “checkpoints would contribute to traffic tie-ups when what’s needed is to keep traffic flowing.” Capraro is planning to have the assistance of the California Highway Patrol.

The first day of the event falls on Halloween, which has made Pomona residents wary. There are a few neighborhoods nearby to the venue where young children will be going around, asking for candy. Parents are worried that the loud music and traffic will interrupt the usually jubilant celebrations.

Emails will go out to ticket holders this week, describing the precautions that attendees will face when entering and exiting the venue.

“Don’t come to the event high. Don’t expect to buy drugs” at the event, Capraro said. “If you come to the event with drugs you will be arrested.”


Source: Daily Bulletin