It’s been over two weeks since the initial rip of Skrillex’s and The Game’s collab “El Chapo” first hit Soundcloud (though, it has been taken down). It was pretty resoundingly met with diverse opinions, though the general consensus seemed to be that while it was okay, it wasn’t Skrillex’s best work.

The collaboration was officially released yesterday and uploaded to Skrillex’s Soundcloud, and the description tells a more eye-opening tale.

Produced by Bangladesh
Coproduced by Skrillex

There’s the truth. The reason this doesn’t sound like Skrillex’s usual self is because, well … it isn’t. Skrillex most likely helped with mastering, finishing touches, and basic sound design. But if you were expecting a fire trap beat from the LA-producer, you were let down. By all means, “El Chapo” is a solid rap track with a solid beat behind it. However, hype from attaching Skrillex’s name to it possibly caused more harm than good.

Whatever. If you like it, more power to you. On the other hand, there are a lot of us who would love to hear Skrillex on a solo production, an original, go balls to the wall with 808s and sweeps.

Skrillex’s last solo original production was his debut album Recess, released March 2014.