Melbourne Music Week is about to get a stark surprise, as one of the flagship venues is definitely the creepiest place for a rave that we’ve heard of. Taking place in the basement of the abandoned Royal Women’s Hospital from November 13th-20th, the plethora of DJs and live acts performing here range from the popular to the underground, and everywhere in between.

The hosts go on to describe the venue as if it were any other, although they make no mention of the ghosts likely roaming the halls of this abandoned hospital – if you believe in that sort of thing.

“MMW is respectfully repurposing the basement, its maze of surrounding abandoned offices, kitchens, plant and steam rooms, as a place for dancing once more for this year’s event. Retrofitting with lighting and sound, the existent parquetry floors will also be restored.”

To make the parties taking place there even creepier, promoters are decking out the stages with headless mannequins, plastic sheets & more.

Get more information and tickets here.

H/T Dancing Astronaut | Photo by John Gray