The need to introduce the Daruma collective is beginning to grow more and more unnecessary, as they continue to amass a new population of loyal followers from each compilation release. After their second one, I was convinced that there would be almost no way to top the production quality and diversity of tracks. Thankfully, I have now been proven completely wrong.

Daruma Vol. 003 comes as another powerful and grippingly visceral series of beats, curated in a way that shows off the best qualities of each. The order of the compilation tells a story, albeit one laced with unimaginable sub bass and pieces of percussion that will most definitely disturb your neighbors. Each of the 15 tracks is a unique gem and comes across more impressive than the last; many of them are sure to make it into your “holy shit” playlist. Vol. 003 is currently up for free download here.

The first pair of names that caught my eye were Noer the Boy and Zero Tep. As newcomers to the Daruma roster, they needed no training to fit right in with the rest of the group. Their track “Sleazebucket” is caked with grime and pairs nicely with any of their other mind-altering collaborations. Seeing them on the lineup this round was a welcome sight, and something I hope continues into further releases.

Another first-timer, Heffy, quickly became one of my favorite contributors on the entire compilation. “Murphy” begins with foreboding and present strikes of bell and a provocative vocal. The eventual swell leads into a deadly twisting of a growling synth and overwhelming waves of sub bass.

Luminate‘s “Gravity Unbounded” is characterized by its relentless ripples of distorted bass and diverse samples. The percussion changes the mood several times throughout the length of the beat, creating an evolving intensity that makes me want to listen to it over and over.

Second to last on the compilation is a track called “Showcaser” by B. Lewis. Beginning with a looped vocal sample and wide rays of atmospheric elements, the song quickly climbs into a monstrous build, finally releasing into one of the simplest and most satisfyingly distorted drops I’ve heard in a long time. For “Showcaser” it’s all about the kick and bass. A slow and dirty cascade of low tones carries the rest of the track into trap oblivion, until the entire beat suddenly transforms into a uplifting and powerful future bass swayer.

To download the entire compilation for free, click here!