Truly organic American artists of the drum and bass breed are few, but extremely passionate and motivated in their craft. With Quadrant + Iris‘s album 206, a prestigious precedent is set in masterful minimalistic production of the 174 family. Culminated and carefully constructed with veteran collaborators such as Klute and Collette Warren, this LP is 13 tracks of musical purity.

The title track floats through with tightly-textured drums and gloomy harmonies. As the buildup progresses, a perilous voice echoes the words “Two….Oh….Six.” Soon after, the energy centers into a gritty bass line of head-bobbing loveliness. My favorite aspect of this tune is the amount of natural movement and consistent progression that surrounds every corner.

The entire album exemplifies a mechanical canvas painted by long hours of tight production and true musical integrity. I highly recommend this album for anyone that vibes with minimal drum and bass of the darker faction. Keep a keen watch on this bunch, as they have the tools and creativity to sculpt their futures into the world of international drum and bass.

You can purchase the album here on October 16th.