Every once in a while RAM reels in a release to bring the shock factor back, and shake the cages of their die-hard listeners. With this release, Misanthrop delivers a heavy four track arsenal of carefully spawned dark-dancefloor madness to carve his artistry on the record label catalogue. Collapse is a recipe of various production techniques with one universally paralleled theme. What theme is that, you may ask?

…. Let’s find out.

“Attack” makes up for its namesake with absolute ferocity as it assaults your eardrums with pointed synth stabs and punctuated snares. The off-kilter tempo at a normal DnB BPM is off-putting in the best of ways. It makes you think while you’re dancing, something only a handful of tracks actually manage to do, especially in such a wild genre. It swells and recedes in such a humanistic way, it’s easy to forget that it’s a monster underneath.

We at Your EDM can only hope that this type of switch in texture becomes a reoccurrence from one of our favorite record labels!

Purchase it here: http://ramrecords.com/shop/download/ramm198d