Historically, Jamaica hass contributed a whole lot to music so it’s nice to see them back on the musical map with their first ever major festival Paradise Lost. While many may finger Europe as the birthplace of EDM, a recent Billboard article actually named Jamaica as its birthplace – a part of their cultural history that the festival organizers are trying to embrace with this festival.

While the lineup and such has yet to be revealed, festival organizers Caribbean Trans Media limited and HMRA, NBBL INC. are slowly ironing out the details. Slated to take place March 10-12, 2016 at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St. Ann this festival is expected to bring in over 15,000 spring breakers to Jamaica providing 2,300 jobs and over 200 internships. Festival organizers are also optimistic that the festival can bring in 5 billion Jamaican dollars (approximately $40 million USD) to the Jamaican economy.

Speaking to press, a member of the organizing team, Jason Newman, had this to say about EDM returning to its rightful birthplace.

“Some Jamaicans don’t know that the genre started here, and some of the foreign markets don’t know either. This is going to educate them to learn about Jamaica and appreciate our music all over again. Who would think Bob Marley was one of the first EDM artistes? That is something we should think about.”

If you haven’t already started planning for your upcoming spring break this is most definitely something to keep your eye out for!

H/T: Jamaica Gleaner