Everyone remembers back at the end of last month how TomorrowWorld was struck with a debacle of a lifetime when the music festival faced¬†inclement weather and closed itself off on Sunday from anyone who wasn’t specifically staying on their campgrounds. With many festival goers abandoning the festivities and going home wet and muddied, the option most people faced was to call it a weekend and to complain about it later on the Internet. But a handful of TomorrowWorld patrons were not about to end their Atlanta stay on a sour note.

Spear-headed by TomorrowWorld attendee Mohammad Khan, what started off as wishful thinking turned into two huge parties in the heart of Atlanta catering to all of the festival goers whose fun was almost cut short. Enlisting free services from Destructo and TJR, Mohammad was able to book Opera Nightclub for the last-minute event, allow everyone with wristbands from TomorrowWorld in for free, and even hop venues after the city’s midnight curfew to keep the party going strong. But this is where things get weird, in a good way.

After acquiring a new set of CDJs for the afterparty, the TomorrowWorld survivors switched gears and partied it up in a tattoo parlor to the surprise of guests, the organizers, and the DJs. From there, the dancers and the DJs kept the music booming all the way past four in the morning turning a major flop into a unique experience and hell of a time.

Check out the story straight from the man who saved the night from TomorrowWorld here.

Source: Thump.Vice
Image Source: JLARK