Hello again bassfamily! Welcome once again to another installment of West Coast Wednesday. It’s been a pretty fantastic week in bass music as I’m sure you’re all aware, and we can’t wait to share some of our favorite new west coast releases with you. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Our first pick comes to us from Oaklands very own Onhell. This globe trotting bass music wizard surprised us all yesterday by dropping his new Darkness EP on us for free on the STYLSS Bandcamp. A move that has left fans old and new pleasantly surprised and supremely impressed with this fantastic new level of music production. If you don’t know about Onhell yet, now is definitely the time to get on board.

Next up is a single from the upcoming G Jones & Bleep Bloop EP on DJ Shadow’s label Liquid Amber entitled Real. These two have absolutely exploded in popularity this year and it’s not hard to hear why when you take a listen to any one of their numerous EPs or even better yet see them in concert. This new single is a definitive monster and has left us incredibly excited for the full EP, which should be out in the next few months. Enjoy!

Now we’re going way way out to Honolulu to check out a single that we somehow managed to miss in our coverage last week, the newest collab from Hawaii native Graves & Miami traplord, Felmax. This massive trapstep banger is most definitely something every basshead and party DJ should have in their arsenal, if only for the second drop. Don’t be afraid to crank the speakers and get wild with one.

If there’s one artist that’s taken the scene by storm this year more than anyone else, it has to be Jauz. Starting from dubstep, evolving into basshouse, and now doing everything in between, Jauz has cultivated a massive base of fans and artists alike who can’t get enough of his sound. This week he stopped by the infamous Insomniac HQ for their 007th Nightowl Radio broadcast for a mix that is 100% guaranteed to rock your socks off. Loaded with wild synths, bouncy basslines, and an absurd amount of unreleased material, this is a mix any basshead shouldn’t hesitate to swoop on. (Interview & mix starts at 55:00)

Next we have a pleasantly awesome future bass EP from bass music veteran Crimes. Crimes has been producing since about 2010, and has covered just about every type of bass music we can think of. He’s also responsible for some of our all time favorite old school tracks. This new two track future bass EP is definitely on the chiller side of things, but we really dig the vibes on this one.

Finally, we wrap things up where we started with another one of Oaklands finest, Dastardly. No stranger to future bass, Dastardly has just released a marvelous new EP on Chronologic Records that perfectly represents some of the best qualities of west coast bass music. Make sure to grab this one while it’s hot!

Until next week bassheads, be well!