And the hits just keep on coming from TomorrowWorld. As if the festival didn’t catch enough flack for the having difficulties running this year’s festival during the consistent onslaught of rain, now they can’t even right their wrongs without creating more issues.

Festivalgoers this morning received a baffling email from TomorrowWorld’s ticket seller Paylogic saying that anyone who purchased a Full Madness Pass received a full refund. But because only day 3 was cancelled, ID&T would be charging them a second time for 2/3 the amount of the cost to balance things out.


You may have noticed on your credit card statement that you were refunded the full amount of your TomorrowWorld Full Madness Pass or Passes. In accordance with the TomorrowWorld Ticket Refund policy, found here, 1/3 of your ticket price will be refunded, not the entire amount. Since we refunded the full ticket price, we will now charge 2/3 of the ticket price separately again. We will strive to have both transactions be part of a single month’s statement so no additional action is required from your side.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us via our online contact form.

Kind regards,


While many are questioning the legality of the festival charging people twice, most of the backlash seems to come from the fact that the full refunds were issued to those who paid with a debit card a full week before Paylogic notified customers about the secondary 2/3 charge. Not to be a TomorrowWorld apologist or anything, but it seems like once more, a very vocal majority of people are displacing the blame on TomorrowWorld. If you received a full refund for the festival and spent it, that’s not their fault, as the policy clearly stated that only 1/3 of the price would be refunded to non-campers.

The real story here is that this incident is just one more nail in the SFX coffin. The second half of this year was plagued by more than one misstep for the company, and added to the current financial turmoil, it seems possible that there will be a lot of changes for next year’s festival if SFX ends up splitting apart in the next few months.