Steve James, the biggest new producer out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is finally quenching the thirst of his rapidly growing fan base by releasing his first track in over 3 months. Although it’s been a while since his last release, James’ music has been far from dormant. James’ last release, a remix of The Chainsmokers’ track ‘Let You Go’, recently eclipsed a million plays on Soundcloud and landed him a spot as a supporting act on The Chainsmokers’ Friendzone Tour.

After a summer spent in the studios of LA, Steve James is set to finish off a great year with his latest work, a remix of Jasmine Thompson’s unbelievably soothing cover of The Weekend’s chart topping hit ‘Earned It.’  Atlantic Records was quick to reach out to James for an official remix of Thompson’s cover. Steve James embraced this opportunity to bless us with a down-tempo progressive twist, laced with beautiful piano chords and perfectly arranged drum hits, all of which allow Thompson’s voice to evolve into something even more awe-inspiring than ever before.

I’m told the ‘Earned It’ remix is only the beginning for Steve James in 2015.  Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled as Steve James looks to close out 2015 the same way he started it; with a bang. Enjoy the cover and download it here.