Ibiza, the magical land of round-the-clock parties and the birthplace of stories our generation won’t tell our kids, has just received a new restriction on its late night venues, courtesy of the island’s five mayors.

According to local newspaper El Diario De Ibiza, the mayors met with president of the Island Council Vincent Torres to discuss legislation that would curtail nightclubs’ hours of operation. In 2015, one of Ibiza’s most attended party venues, Amnesia, stayed open until 1 p.m. the following day, breaching their license more than a dozen other times during the year.

The committee decided that beginning in the summer of 2016, all nightclubs will close their doors no later than 6:30 a.m. Some of the most popular venues like Pacha, Dc-10, Space and Sankeys will undoubtedly feel the financial effects.

Law enforcement officials have said they will heavily enforce these new laws, and said they are going to be “imposing sanctions that are commensurate with the offence committed.”

Smaller music cafés will be restricted to a 5:00 a.m. curfew, and beach clubs to just midnight.


H/T: Resident Advisor