Oh boy, today is a good day.

Yesterday, we posted a rip of a track that Deadmau5 worked on during a live stream held on the 9th of this month: a work in progress-sounding tune that reminded our staff of “My Pet Coelecanth.” After asking whether this could be a sneak peek at an upcoming album, Deadmau5 commented on a post in Toronto Rave Community, saying, “nah, just some scratch stuff im working on. nothing serious… yet? maybe? i dont know.”

Since then, and after speaking to Soundcloud user nü shit [IDs], the rip uploader, we’ve stumbled upon the source of yesterday’s rip: a veritable gold mine of unfinished and unreleased content.

Over the past two years, Youtube user Max24s has taken it upon himself to rip and upload nearly 100 Deadmau5 creations from his public live streams. Beginning in October of 2013, his videos show a perfect, intimate timeline of Deadmau5’s musical progression.

From early, pre-album previews to short clips never to be seen again, these rips give a proper behind the scenes look at the work Joel has put in outside of the greater public’s eye.

Max24s is the hero we need, the hero we deserve.

Check out the complete playlist below, and let us know what kind of fantastic hidden gems you discover!