Though it wasn’t imagined as a horror song at first, “Twisted Nerve” by Bernard Herrmann works scarily well as a horror themed sample. You probably don’t recognize either of those names, but you would immediately recognize it as the Whistle Song from Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Play Me Founder and artist Reid Speed, along with proteges A Boy & A Girl, took the sample and added a hefty amount of distortion, a terrifying vocal sample, and then laid down some heavy bass to complete “LA Horror Story.” Though Halloween is still more than a week away, people everywhere are already getting into the spooky spirit and this should help grease things up a bit.

The twerk/trap vibe is perfect for party atmospheres everywhere looking to turn it up a notch, and the samples – yes, even the Lil Jon one – are great for crowd interaction.

Grab you free download here.