We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: ridiculously trippy bass music is the best way to kick off your week; it’s like sonic coffee. This week’s particularly slushy dosage comes from Oakland beat-slinger, BOATS, and it is legitimately one of the most interesting releases we’ve heard all year.

Never one to put himself in a box, the Squiggle EP defies any attempt at classification. It’s hyphy meets psychedelic with a dash of orchestral, rolled up into a blunt wrap made of purple kale. No one has a palette of sounds quite like BOATS  and some of his most colorful designs are on display here; growling sub-bass and warped synth whines melt away into shimmering soundscapes and rolling drum-lines at a moment’s notice. The Bay Area vibes are strong with the up-tempo tunes (Mac Dre would definitely be proud), while the more ambient, relaxed pieces invite serious J-Dilla comparisons. Last, but far from least, the remixes from Subp YaoFilosofischeStilte, and San Diego’s DJ Pound cap off the EP and will definitely keep you guessing. In short, you should have pressed play 30 seconds ago.

BOATS has made Squiggle available via Saturate! Records as a name-your-price download; check out the full stream after the jump and grab a copy of your own on the label’s Bandcamp page.

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