Novka made waves with their debut release, “Poezia,” which has received support from all the best in the industry, and now they have quite literally blown us all away with a surprise debut EP entitled ZALAZAK – which we are beyond ecstatic to bring you the premiere of this fine Monday morning.

Featuring four tracks that cover every sub-genre of house and feature orchestral bridges, epic intros and growling bass lines, this is easily one of the best debut releases we’ve set our ears to. “Poezia” needs no introduction. “Dat Vibe” we’re sure you’ve heard in sets from artists around the world; it’s a stunning and catchy track. Meanwhile, “Lethal” hits on the hottest trends with a distinct bass-house vibe while remaining completely unique in structure and sound design simultaneously. Last but certainly not least, “Empire” is a magnificent conglomeration of orchestral elements and powerful percussion to round out this simply perfect EP.

For some background, Novka is comprised of 23-­year-­old Dominik and 21-­year-­old Matijia, both originally from Zagreb, Croatia. Dominik brings the heavy house bass while Matijia, inspired by his classical music background, adds hints of orchestral instruments to create dramatic, electrifying sounds which set Novka apart from the rest.

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We can’t wait to see what they have in store for next, but in the meantime check out the incredible 4-track project that is Zalazak – in full below!