In case you’ve missed out on the recent controversy surrounding Carnage, here’s a quick recap: the producer partnered with Razer for an unintentionally hilarious production tutorial video to promote the company’s new Razer Music Service, got outed for using a cracked version of production software Sylenth in the video, and received questioning tweets from Lennar Digital, the company responsible for Sylenth. Carnage argued the computer with the cracked version of Sylenth in the video was not his, implying Razer uploaded the illegal software on one of the company’s computers.

It appears as if Razer wants to end this PR nightmare, and has unceremoniously cut ties with Carnage. Razer removed all mentions of Carnage from their website, including delisting Carnage as a sponsor (while others such as deadmau5 and Dyro remain) and deleting his production videos from their Youtube channel. The company has yet to put out an official statement, but it’s evident the short-lived partnership between Razer and Carnage has come to an end.

Watch Carnage’s infamous tutorial video below:


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