If you sample Dr. Strangelove, you have our attention. Just in time for Halloween, Focus Fire has dropped “Kill Them,” a bomb of a track to make even the maddest of scientists leap in ecstasy. Comprised of Christian Ellison and Mark Barton, Focus Fire’s catalog spans everything from Drum n Bass to house, with this demented beauty taking on the face of dubstep.

Immediately, ominous brass and a menacing string section bellow the onset of devastation. Tension grips your ears for the entire five minutes, releasing into even more destruction as “Kill Them” drops into a frenetic assault on the senses. Adding further dimension are the hollowed leads, rippling over the structure of saucy percussion and and quibbling basslines. Rounding out the deathly jam are nightmarish squeals and choir samples, reminiscent of early Knife Party, and a wonderful supplement the occult atmosphere.

The boys are going one further and offering “Kill Them” as a free download, so be sure to share the love on their socials. Have a listen below, but you might want to wear a helmet…