Revenge of the locusts! Not really, but Cooda’s “Cicada” is exactly what we’d imagine the 8th Plague of Egypt to sound like. Just a normal guy by day, but purveyor of Cooda Bass by night, Brad Sniadach is coming onto the scene with the quickness and this latest release has our attention.

“Cicada” hits off strong, initiating the insect reclamation with rippling squelches and an ebbing bassline before slamming into some raucous four-on-the-floor. Bristling sound design bounces hard, and hints of breakbeat tap into the glorious acid stricken vibes of the 90’s, packing a grotesque wallop. Half-time drops keep the track zesty, and there’s even the roars of Donkey Kong tucked amongst the percussion. See if you can catch it… This dose of nostalgia is exactly what we needed to make it to the weekend. Have a listen below, and don’t forget to swoop up “Cicada” as a free download.

We were lucky enough to catch a break in Cooda’s schedule to get the details on his journey as a producer. Read on below to hear more about how “Cicada” came to be, what the hell Cooda means, and how childhood road trips got him hooked on electronic music.


How long have you been producing?

“It’s been five years total, but I usually say about four. The first two years I count as one because I wasn’t as dedicated as I am now. As soon as I got to Icon it got a lot more intense. So yeah, in December it will be 5 years of producing because I started on Christmas. I graduated in October 2013 from Icon and I’m there as often as I can be. As much as you want to push independence as an artist and say, “I don’t need anybody!” you have to have a community. Brandon, Boy Bishop, said it really well, “do you want to climb Everest by yourself, or do you want to do it with your best friends beside you?” I just feel, as humans, doing things with other people benefits us. Music is no different. So the collective has been incredible for me, man. I try to go back every day I have off. Tomorrow actually, I’m heading over for some studio time.”

So, who is Cooda?

“Well, first off, how I got the name was a dual finding. First, my buddy Chase from Icon starting calling me “Barracuda” after I had an adventure and went from a “squid” (which is an inside joke at we have at Icon) to a “barracuda.” It also represents going for it and being you, but also cutthroat and doing what you want to do. Around the same time, I was looking for a new name and was researching awareness and perspective. I came across the OODA loop, which is this anagram for situational awareness, it stands for: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. So “Cooda” is a play off that and how I like to think. Contemplate, Observe, Organize, Depict, and Appreciate. Or something like that, I haven’t fully decided on it yet – I came up with it when I was falling asleep and then I forgot it. (Laughs) I don’t know if you know this, but that’s supposed to be the best time for creativity, when your subconscious is the most active. I remember reading somewhere that Edison would have these two metal balls in his hand and as he fell asleep, they would drop, hit the floor, and he would wake up and write down whatever he was thinking. Apparently as you’re falling asleep is when you’re most connected to your subconscious, the dream world and the ‘collective consciousness’ and that’s where the creativity comes from, that’s the theory at least. So when I’m falling asleep, I try to jump up and write down a track that’s in my head, but usually it’s gone by the time I get to my computer. I need to put an audio recorder next to my bed. Next time you’re falling asleep, pay attention to your thoughts!”

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